Liam’s birthday tweet, 29.08.14.


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Happy 21st birthday Liam James Payne (August 29th 1993)

@Real_Liam_Payne …Like I said I hope everything’s ok and I know a lot of people may not like me right now and feel a little under appreciated as we dont get to come out and meet u guys all that much i wish it was easier, I do truly appreciate you guys tho you have changed my life and i could never thank you enough I hope in time it will all be cool. Love from me

Selena Gomez seen filming an Adidas Commercial in New York


Ansel Elgort with friends and family at his sister Sophie’s wedding (August 23rd, 2014).

Selena Gomez attends the “Variety And Women In Film Annual Pre-Emmy Celebration”.

StadeFrance: Two months ago One Direction were at the stadium for the Where We Are Tour. We took the opportunity to ask them to leave their fingerprints for StadeFrance boulevard!

“Querida, nós dois sabemos: Que as noites foram feitas, sobretudo, para dizer coisas que você não conseguirá dizer amanhã.” — Arctic Monkeys.  (via delator)


Happy 21st Birthday, Leeyum. :)

“Atitude, romantismo e sorrisos. E ainda tem gente que usa o corpo pra conquistar alguém.” — Clarice Lispector. (via recontador)